Judaic Studies Courses

HRE13 Religious Studies –(Full year 1 Credit Locally Developed Course)

Chumash/HalachaThis course provides an appreciation of Jewish thought and practice. The students must possess the ability to access texts in their original Hebrew language. They need to develop the necessary skills for understanding of these materials in terms of the present views of Jewish teachings as well as their literary niceties. The objective is to engender a deeper understanding of Judaism, and through it, an attachment of the student to their heritage. Religious study is basic to implementing the school’s mission statement, which is dedicated to “the transmission of Jewish religious and cultural tradition and an appreciation of them.” This course includes the study of issues in Judaism and Jewish philosophy, Biblical studies, and Jewish laws and customs. 

Mussar/Machshava/Yahadus (1 semester non-credit course)

Parsha (Full year non-credit course)

Navi (Second Semester 1 semester non-credit course)

Ivrit (Second Semester 1 semester non-credit course)

Jewish History (Full year non-credit course)